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Journey to the SouthWest

Our top-selling package offers you an unforgettable journey to the Southwest, For as low as 2,499 USD! This package includes 12 nights’ hotel accommodations, Daily Breakfast, and a full-packed tour that you can see in our itinerary with assistance on all travel requirements! Sounds Good right? Book Now!

Journey to the West

Europe Depot invites you on a Journey to the West. you’ll be amazed by just how beautiful the places in western Europe are. It’s easy to associate the city with coffee shops, canals, the palace, and more. Book now!!  The Package starts at 2,499 and we'll definitely make you fall in love with these incredible, breathtaking, and shocking places you'll ever see in your life at first sight!

Journey to the East

Been dreaming of crossing this destination off your bucket list?? For as low as 2,499 USD you can start turning your dreams into reality! YES! It should be on your radar, from natural beauty to adorable towns to rich culture, and historic churches that have been appreciated worldwide. Book now and we'll surely give you that love at first sight for these amazing, stunning, and shocking places you’ll ever see in your life!

Journey to the South

Do you want to see beautiful scenery? Starts at 2,499 USD, Europe Depot a journey to the south is the best place for you. Experience the historical buildings, food markets, and royals. Also known for its renaissance and contemporary art museums, sunny blue skies, unique neighborhoods, and bustling nightlife in Madrid city of joy and life.

Journey to the Scandinavian

Who wouldn’t want to witness this unfathomable spectacle of beauty in real life? You know the good news is, we the Travel Depot have a nice deal for you! We will help you to go to the only place in Europe you can see one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world. Great deal right? Book now for only 2,699 USD and witness this unfathomable spectacle of beauty in real life!!

Journey to the Balkans

If you don’t know what a “Balkan” is, it’s definitely time for you to find out! Explore Europe’s forgotten playground! Book now! so you don't miss the unforgettable experience starts at 2,499 USD

Journey to the British Aisles 1

It is known as Nature's Little Secrets, walks through the history of all ages. For as low as 2,499 USD! So pack your bags, book your next trip, and take a step towards a more fulfilling life.

Journey to the British Aisles 2

Throw a couple of city tours into one package and get a taste of everything! Enjoy a hassle free journey with a tour guide witnessing the beauty of United Kingdom, England and Scotland for as low as 2,499 USD!