The Post Learning Department offers seminars and quality training sessions to serve our partner affiliates who are operating their businesses. The PLC also function as a customer support and maintenance to assist and serve as a back up to our affiliates. It is aimed to help and guide them as they build their travel agency business step by step to make their business more successful.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Seminar
Be part of guerrilla marketing seminars wherein you can learn how to promote your business with maximum impact but with minimum cost or even for free! You can learn what you ought to know to be a bonafide guerrilla marketer! Learn how to double or even triple your sales with marketing tactics that we will share and teach you! On this seminar you will be taken on a guided tour of creativity –your own creativity- then put that creativity to work creating a real marketing weapon that can create massive profits for you.
Social Media Marketing Seminar
Get strategies for planning, executing and measuring social media marketing, Come up with an effective way to incorporate social media into your organization’s success can be overwhelming. This seminar will take you through the ins and outs of social media marketing.
Accounting and Taxation Seminar
It is essential that you know how your business accounting and taxes are computed whether it is a small or a medium enterprise, it is beneficial for your company because it will enable you to better manage the finances and operation of your own business. Doing your accounting the correct way determines the financial state of your business and will help you decide for your future business expansion. This seminar workshop will also help answer the most common business tax and accounting issues, you can attend our seminar as an individual or together with your business partners. You may also send your accounting staff or book keeper