The Lure That Is Bangkok

Written by: 
Sharon Perez

I've been to this city many times and each experience is unique on its own.

Bangkok's exotic allure leaves many tourists drawn wanting to come back again. Its appetite is open book and their live affair with seafood is infectious. Every corner, all road sides boast of street delicacies (and exotic ones too!) that screams "try me". I doubt there's one visitor left who won't gain weight.

The locals are generally friendly. If they happen to sound mean, brush it off, most of them work under the sun for hours and get paid less than $5 a day. When they seem to hustle, give in at times, they're just hopeful to earn more that day probably. Be careful too because there are some who are just plain and simple scammers.

 The city is sleepless and boasts of its affection towards visitors embracing a melting pot of things to see and do. To see temples you need not go far for every corner boasts of their devotion. And they must have loved their king (old and new) to have their photos on almost every building.

Its modern yet old fashioned, to think you can go to a market via a river boat ride and few kilomters outskirts, elephant rides are just an everyday thing. And while all these are intact, skyscrapers are continuously being built and a wide array of malls and skybars are coming to life.

Flowers are part of their everyday life so expect them to be a regular site. Tuktuk taxi wont be extinct anytime soon as it is most preferred still by those who wants to get the thailand real deal.

And let's not forget, rin around a corner and you might just grab your next few bags of bargain shopping!

I'd like to share this video to inspire you to come see this unique city juxtaposed into the old and the new.